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Meet the W.K.Kellogg Forces of Nature. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things through the power of plants.

Edric Kennedy Macfoy

Edric Kennedy Macfoy


Meet Edric Kennedy-Macfoy. He’s an energetic and inspirational firefighter, and is currently writing a book on plant-based eating.

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Follow The Forces

Watch a day in the life of our unstoppable Forces of Nature, and find out how they harness the power of plants.

Edric Kennedy-Macfoy has been a firefighter for nearly 13 years. For him, there’s no better way of earning a living than saving lives and helping others. Diet also plays a big part in Edric’s life. He’s been a fully plant-based Force of Nature for nearly two years, and feels physically stronger and fitter than ever before. He works out and trains 5-6 times a week, practices yoga and is an aspiring author, with one book already published and another about plant-based eating currently in the works. Edric is driven by the unpredictability of life, lives every day to the fullest and makes every single second count.

Zara Hudson-Kuzdoj

Zara Hudson-Kuzdoj


Zara Hudson-Kozdoj is a creative force of nature, and has been playing the cello since she was five. She also teaches and inspires kids to play music.

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Follow The Forces

Watch a day in the life of our unstoppable Forces of Nature, and find out how they harness plant power to achieve the impossible.

Zara Hudson-Kozdoj is a second year cellist at the Royal College of Music, and has played in some of the UK’s most iconic and prestigious venues. Her many artistic achievements include leading the Chethams Symphony Orchestra in their final concert, and performing at the TEDx Youth Conference in Manchester. She’s been on a plant-based diet for 2 years, and uses the power of plants to realise her musical dreams and push her performances to the next level. Disciplined, dedicated and inspiring, Zara is a truly artistic Force of Nature.

Calum Hudson

Calum Hudson

Wild Swimmer

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Follow The Forces

Watch a day in the life of our unstoppable Forces of Nature, and find out how they harness plant power to achieve the impossible.

Calum Hudson is a member of the Wild Swimming Brothers, along with his siblings Jack and Robbie. He’s braved some of the coldest waters in the world, and risen to some of the biggest physical challenges on the planet. A lover of the great outdoors since he was a kid, Calum has also conquered extreme triathlons and even swam the shark-infested waters of Alcatraz. Being plant-powered is a big part of his life too. A veggie for many years, Calum is currently making the leap to going fully plant-powered, and uses his healthy diet to overcome new challenges and inspire others every step of the way.

Lánzate y prueba nuestras ricas granolas

La gama W.K. Kellogg es rica, saludable y nutritiva, así que lánzate y prueba los deliciosos cereales, barritas o granolas. ¡Todos son una buena elección!

Nuestra gama

  • No Added Sugar

    Sin azúcares añadidos

    Combinaciones sabrosas de avena tostada y frutos secos crujientes o frutas jugosas sin azúcares añadidos ni edulcorantes artificiales.

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  • Plant Protein

    Proteínas vegetales

    Granola deliciosa de cereales integrales horneados. La fuente de proteína vegetal perfecta. Sin aceite de palma ni aromas artificiales y apta para veganos.

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  • By Kids

    Sin aceite de Palma

    Nuestras gama W.K.Kellogg no continente aceite de Palma, ni colorantes ni aromas artificiales.

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Power Of Three

We asked Edric, Calum and Zara to give us their top three tips for plant-based eating. Check them out below.

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Creemos en una alimentación basada en alimentos de origen vegetal

Adoptemos juntos un estilo de vida saludable con alimentos de origen vegetal ricos en nutrientes. Con más de 100 años de experiencia, seguiremos explorando, innovando y mejorando y apoyaremos al planeta y a nuestras comunidades a quienes debemos tanto.
- Will Keith Kellogg


Apoyar a la comunidad

Siguiendo el espíritu de los valores filantrópicos de
W.K. Kellogg, el fundador de la Kellogg Company, por cada paquete de cereales y barritas W.K. Kellogg vendido, haremos una donación de 0,10 € a proyectos que promueven la agricultura sostenible y ofrecen desayunos a quienes más los necesitan.

Desde el lanzamiento de la marca WKK en 2018, se han recaudado más de dos millones de euros para ayudar a agricultores en España y el Reino Unido a cultivar arroz y trigo de manera más sostenible y para ayudar a otras ONG a ofrecer desayunos a niños en Alemania, Francia, España, el Reino Unido, Irlanda, Suecia, Dinamarca e Italia.

W.K. Kellogg Sin Azúcares Añadidos Granola, W.K. Kellogg Super Foods Granola y W.K. Kellogg Bio Almohadillas integrales: contienen ≥15 % del Valor de Referencia de Nutrientes (VRN) de magnesio; W.K. Kellogg Proteínas Vegetales Granola y
W.K. Kellogg by Kids: contienen ≥15 % del Valor de Referencia de Nutrientes (VRN) de fósforo; y W.K. Kellogg Sin Azúcares Añadidos Barritas: contienen ≥15 % del Valor de Referencia de Nutrientes de manganeso que contribuye al metabolismo energético normal. Disfrútalos como parte de una dieta variada y equilibrada y un estilo de vida saludable. Los productos sin azúcares añadidos contienen azúcares naturalmente presentes.

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